Shanghai Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. Wei move former well-known compressor manufacturers (Shanghai Fu Sheng Industrial Co., Ltd.), Head of Service to create a high-tech company, to join Shanghai Electric, an electrical engineer in Canada after several years of research and development FUZZY3000 compressor Frequency intelligent control systems, specialized in all kinds of screw air compressor frequency energy-saving products have been widely used in domestic well-known enterprises (CIMC, Baosteel, Unilever, etc.), while providing Fusheng FS, such as improving the complex Sheng Aisen think FIRSTAIR The compressed air system and after-sales service, we can be sure to win a reasonable profit at the same time, we must also be able to improve production efficiency and social energy to make our due contribution.
In this, the company invites you to create an “efficient, low consumption, environmentally friendly” green living environment and work together.

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